Hornborgasjöns utlopp
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At Utloppet, water from Lake Hornborga flows into the River Flian. The bird tower here is one of the best observation points on the lake, especially when the lake is frozen and the birds crowd together in the open channels.

When the lake freezes over, Utloppet is the only place on Lake Hornborga where you will be able to see birds as the current keeps the water flowing. Coots, tufted ducks, smews, whoopers, mute swans and goosanders crowd together, attracting white-tailed eagles looking for prey. In spring, there is a good chance that you will see and hear red-necked grebes displaying. This is also where you should go to see or hear species that breed among the reeds, such as bearded tit and bittern. Before Lake Hornborga was restored, large areas were almost completely overgrown. Today, reeds are mainly found at the north-western end of the lake. Another good spot for listening to the whirring call of the bearded tit is the mouth of the Härlingstorp Canal to the north. The best way of getting there is on skates in the winter. Utloppet is much easier to get to. A wide gravel road leads up to the bird observation tower and the bridge across the River Flian. From there you can look down on the dyke that regulates the water level in the lake. Sometimes fish try to make their way up river in jumps and leaps. But unless you are a keen birdwatcher, there is not much else to see here.

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